Multiple people attacked by dogs in Manassas

Multiple people were attacked by dogs in Manassas, including a neighbor who was trying to help a child – and the incident was captured on a doorbell camera. 

"I heard some commotion outside," said neighbor and victim Joshua Castle. 

The attack happened on Winterset Drive in Manassas. In the video, you can see what appears to be a young girl being chased by dogs. 

"I jumped up and ran outside," said Castle. 

And that's when he came face to face with two dogs.

"I got the one dog to release the hold," said Castle. 

But the other dog attacked, leaving him with over 65 stitches and 20 puncture wounds all over his body.

Castle told FOX 5 that the dogs belong to a neighbor who lives nearby.

"I've seen the dogs get loose before. They've been friendly. But it only takes one time," said Castle.

Manassas City Police state that this case is currently under investigation. They received a call about three people being bitten by a dog.

Castle confirms that there was a woman nearby who also got attacked.

Police further state that no one sustained serious injuries.