More than half of employees prefer mix of in-person, remote working, survey says

Employers, listen up! If your staff has been working from home for most or all of the past two years of the pandemic, research shows they may not want to fully return to the office just yet.

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A Pew Research Center study shows about 60% of employees are still working from home. FOX 5 spoke to some residents in Georgetown who say they like the flexibility of both virtual and in-person work.

"A hybrid model would definitely be my preferred because I still feel like you need a couple interactions with your co-workers just to form that bond, but the ability to work from home and be in your own environment and own space gives you a lot more freedom on how to use your day," says D.C. area resident Michael Martinez.

"The return to office effect will start in March, more in April, and more in May," says Executive Director of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Chuck Bean. "As we look at patterns compared to pre-pandemic, there’s going to be a lot more teleworking."

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Bean says the organization did a region survey that shows 65% of people prefer the hybrid working model, a mixture of both telework and being in the office.

He says that's the direction we're heading in because research shows people believe it allows for a better work-life balance. 

Bean also says this could also impact how busy the roads get. He says the D.C. area traffic is already back to 95% of pre-pandemic levels.

"I go on 395 and cross the 14th Street Bridge every day and so it is starting to get worse, particularly on the way home," says D.C. area resident Ryan Hayes.


However, traffic should also be more spread out with different busy pockets throughout the day due to the flexibility workplaces are offering their employees.