Moore focuses on public safety and economic growth in Wheaton visit

Maryland Governor Wes Moore headed to Wheaton on Wednesday for what was billed as an "economic development walk," but it came just days after a shocking murder of an 18-year-old who was gunned down at the Wheaton Metro Station.


Grandmother grieves over Wheaton Metro shooting victim

A grieving grandmother is speaking out for the first time about her grandson being killed at the Wheaton Metro Station.

The Moore administration said it wanted to work with WMATA to re-develop land the transit agency owns as part of a revitalization in Wheaton. Moore told FOX 5 on Wednesday that he knew about the serious concerns over violent crime in the area. The governor said he directed the state government to devote more resources to targeting illegal guns.

"There was no higher priority for our administration than public safety, and it was the reason we were there doing this tour, it was the reason that we were talking about it all around the state is that we had to center and prioritize public safety," said Governor Wes Moore, a Democrat from Maryland.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich insisted on Wednesday that officials could push economic development in Wheaton and crime-fighting simultaneously. Elrich pointed to a new "late-night safety plan" and new efforts to recruit new police officers in the county.