Montgomery County police officer helps save life of unconscious baby

A police officer in Montgomery County is being hailed as a hero after helping rescue an infant who stopped breathing.

Officer David Reed's quick thinking and fast action in helping save a life was a moment that touched his heart and a moment he will never forget.

"She looked at me with those big brown eyes and grabbed my finger and I was ready to take her home with me right there," he said. "At that point, that's when I was extremely thankful that the good Lord put me in a position I could help."

Officer Reed was relieved to know the baby would be okay, but earlier in the evening on Wednesday, he wasn't so sure.

Reed was on traffic patrol near the White Oak Shopping Center when a man came rushing up and told him a woman who was crying hysterically in her car.

When he saw the baby was unresponsive and unconscious, he knew he had to take action.

"At that time, I did another technique -- taking the heel of your hand, kind of striking it in on the shoulder blade, not very hard, but just enough to jolt the baby," described Reed. "The eyes opened. Kind of startled look on the baby's face. It began to cry and then I knew we were good."

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue took the baby to the hospital.

The 21-year-old mother was also admitted for a medical evaluation.

During the terrifying moments, the father of the baby returned to the car parked in the shopping center and he also went to the hospital.

Police did not say what led to the baby's unconscious condition and could not release more details because there is a criminal investigation underway as a result of this incident.

In the meantime, this officer and father of two small children is heading home as a humble hero. He will also be holding on just a little tighter to his own kids tonight.

"Every night when I go home, I always go in and kiss them, and I just tell them daddy's home safe," he said. "Last night, I kind of stayed a little longer. So yeah, it was pretty special."

Police say they have no idea who the Good Samaritan was who alerted Officer Reed to the situation. But they do know chances are that baby would not be alive had it not been for his effort to get help.