Mom's friend charged after surveillance video captures beating of her son

UPDATE 2/22/2017: The man seen on surveillance, Kordarell Williams is slated to face a judge today on injury to a child charges.

Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's deputies arrested a Houston man on the charge of injury to a child Thursday night (Feb. 16) after the agency's surveillance cameras at an illegal dumping site showed the incident live a few hours eariler.

Kordarell Williams, 27, is in the Harris County Jail today after a judge denied him the opportunity to post bail, according to county records.

The video, captured on a quiet northwest Houston side street a few miles from his apartment, shows a man using a belt and his hands to strike a 7-year-old boy on the head, shoulders, torso, legs and buttocks at least 62 times in 5 minutes, with some of the blows knocking the child to the pavement from a standing position. Bruises were seen on the boy's body at the hospital after the arrest of Williams.

A Precinct 1 deputy monitoring the dumping cameras while at home off-duty saw the beating around 5 p.m. and alerted co-workers. Within three hours, other deputies located and arrested Williams and the boy in separate locations. According to relatives, the boy is not Williams' son.

Precinct 1 personnel notified Children's Protective Services, which is investigating the case to determine proper custody of the boy.

"I'm proud and relieved that quick action by our deputies led to the arrest and to medical care for the child, and that justice will be done," Constable Alan Rosen said. "As a law enforcement leader, a parent and a life-long member of this community, I'm deeply concerned and upset by such an incident."

In cooperation with Houston municipal government, Precinct 1 stations self-activating hidden cameras at 25 sites throughout the city where illegal dumping has taken place. The surevillance has led to dozens of charges against dumpers.