Mom and daughter dress up for grocery visit to lighten mood during coronavirus pandemic

Michele Vice and her daughter, Katy, dressed up in inflatable animal costumes Wednesday and went shopping at their local Publix grocery store in Winter Springs, Florida. It was a move that made many shoppers stop and look.

"We can't help but giggle every time we do this," Vice said.

The giant shark and giraffe costumes, purchased on Amazon, were inspired by a woman in California who recently went into an area Walmart in a unicorn costume. Vice said the woman in the unicorn costume brought smiles to people in California, and she decided to do the same.

"And the reaction was just awesome everyone was smiling, taking selfies." said Vice.

People stopped the pair in the parking lot outside the grocery store to take pictures. Vice said that was the point, making people smile.

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"I don't know. It always makes me smile when people smile. Smiling is just, contagious. Everyone's stuck at home and everyone's kind of got the blues kids are getting antsy. This was a fun way to get out of the house and make everyone a little bit happy."

Vice and her daughter said they'll continue to come back to this Publix during the quarantine.

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