Missing Md. man rescued after being found trapped under tree

A man reported missing last week has been found alive after being trapped under a tree, Prince George's County Fire and EMS said.

On Monday, a pedestrian walking in the 9000 block of Ardwick Ardmore Road found 66-year-old Larry Shaddy stuck between a downed tree and an upright tree.

"It was a very steep embankment," said Prince George's County Fire and EMS spokesperson Mark Brady. "It was underneath a tree that had already fallen some time ago, but there was a lot of room underneath that tree. So when he fell or slid down this hill, he become wedged underneath of it to the point where he could not free himself."

Firefighters were able to free Shaddy, but it required some extra help.

"When firefighters first arrived on the scene, they tried to easily remove him, but they couldn't," said Brady. "They actually had to use their hydraulic equipment to raise that tree up off of his legs before he could be pulled out."

The Vietnam veteran, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, was last seen on July 20. He was located about a block away from an independent living facility where he lives.

"Their clients are veterans that stay at the home and typically suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia," Brady told us.

A worker at the facility said he seemed normal that day, but it was very unusual for Shaddy to go for a walk at 1 a.m.

He was conscious and spoke with firefighters during the rescue before being taken to the hospital, authorities said.

"He's extremely dehydrated," said an employee at the independent living facility. "He has a lot of ulcers, lacerations throughout his entire body. At this point, he's very delirious."

Shaddy remains at Prince George's Hospital Center where he is expected to make a full recovery.