Missed connection: Metro rider looking for mystery man

At FOX 5 we get a lot of emails from viewers with everything from crime tips to requests for help. The email we got Thursday night was unusual because it asked us to help find love.

Marina Carrero regularly takes the Metro from her office in Rockville to Judiciary Square to drop off documents. But a mystery man got on the Red Line on Thursday and changed her day.

"It was probably between Twinbrook and Bethesda-- that he got on-- and got off at Farragut North," said Carrero.

The 28-year-old legal assistant says they flirted but never spoke.

"He saw me looking, and he smiled, and I smiled back. And I kept my head down and was just fidgeting with my iPod. And I noticed he kept continuously looking at me. I continued to look at him, but always kept turning around," said Carrero.

She describes the man as early to mid-20s, about five-foot-six, with brown hair. He was wearing a black suit, blue shirt and red tie. He was holding two things.

"A little black journal type notebook with elastic around it and an umbrella with like a weird…," said Carrero.

She wanted us to hold off revealing one thing about the man, so she can be sure he is who he says he is. The clue is what was unique about the umbrella.

Carrero started to write her name and number on a slip of paper, but when the train stopped at Farragut North, the mystery man got off.

"I saw him through the glass. He did this and I did this [both gestures waving] and the train started moving," she said.

While they flirted on the train, Carrero had her earphones on and was listening to the Maroon 5 song "Coming Back for You."

The lyrics inspired her. So at the next stop, she jumped off and ran around to the other side of the tracks to go back to find her guy. Back at Farragut, Carrero ran outside looking for him.

"I looked everywhere on the streets and the bus stops and everything—nothing. I couldn't find him," she said.

Carrero finished her errand and went back to work, but she couldn't forget the man.

"I got hurt really bad a couple of years ago. He broke my heart really bad, so after that I just closed myself off and didn't want to think about it," Carrero said. "If I can prove that love is still out there, maybe this will give people hope."

If you are Carrero's guy (remember the clue about the umbrella) and want to get in touch with her, contact us at 202-895-3000 or email fox5tips@wttg.com