Metro warns fare evaders: Pay up

Metro is looking to crack down on people who skip paying fares. 

The agency began a new advertising campaign Tuesday, which will include digital signs and physical fliers – letting people know fines are coming.

Once the warning period ends in November, Metro Police officers will be on the lookout for people jumping gates or passengers not paying for Metrobus rides.

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"As I mentioned previously, the region needs to decide what we want Metro to be, and fare policy should be part of the conversation," said General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Randy Clarke. "Many people have mentioned going to a fare-free model, but fare-free does not mean free. There are costs associated with running the community’s transit system and therefore the necessary revenues must exist to deliver the services the community needs."

Citations will be issued to fare evaders along with fines of anywhere from $50 to $100.

WMATA says total fare evasions this year will end up costing about $40 million in lost revenue.

Fare evasion is a criminal offense in Maryland and Virginia. D.C. has also put in place newly established procedures for Metro Police to proceed with enforcing civil citations.