Metro gets tough on fare evasion, Secure DC Crime Bill brings stricter penalties

Metro says the newly signed Secure D.C. Crime Bill will help crackdown on fare evasion. 

Starting Monday, Metro Transit Police officers will be able to require anyone stopped for fare evasion to provide their true name and address for citations. Those who refuse can be arrested or hit with a fine worth up to $100. 

There is also an increased penalty for assaulting Metro operators or employees.


Proposed DC bill could allow Metro Police to crack down on fare evasions

D.C.’s City Council Committee on Public Safety held a hearing Wednesday about a bill intended to help better enforce fare evasions in D.C. Metro stations.

Before the Secure D.C. bill passed, MTPD officers could approach a person who did not pay the fare, but they weren't able to enforce compliance. 

Instead, officers could only ask an individual to leave the station or go back and pay their fare. 

Metro is also in the process of modifying fare gates at all 98 Metrorail stations with new salon-style doors that make fare evasion more difficult.

Additional information about Metro’s fare enforcement efforts can be found at

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Mayor Bowser signs Secure DC crime bill into law

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed into law Monday the new Secure D.C. Omnibus Amendment Act of 2024.