Metro debuts new railcars on Red Line

The newest railcars in Metro's aging fleet are now riding the Red Line.

Metro says the 7000-series trains that debuted Monday morning are safer. They will phase out the 1000-series cars as recommended by the NTSB following the deadly Metro crash in 2009.

Metro officials say the new cars also have upgraded technology.

"We have automated digital announcements on the cars. We have wider aisles. We have more leg room. If you notice on the trains, there's better signage. We have flat panels on there that tell people what stop is next, so it's really a much better rider experience," said Metro spokeswoman Sherri Ly.

The first and only other 7000-series trains started running on the Blue Line in April.

Metro plans to add about a dozen of the new railcars each month. More than 500 have been ordered. They will debut on other lines throughout the system in the coming months.