Md. student hospitalized after being beaten unconscious

A Charles County teenager is recovering after he was beaten and found unconscious on the bathroom floor of his school. The attack happened Monday at Westlake High School in Waldorf.

Latishia Wilson said her son's injuries were serious enough that he had to be flown to the hospital from the school.

A large wound is visible on his head, but it is the ninth grade student's forehead that really gets your attention.

"My child was found unconscious in the boy's bathroom with a knot the size of an apple on his head," Wilson said.

She is angry about how the high school dealt with the attack on her son. She said her son remembers three boys coming after him in the bathroom, but doesn't remember anything after that moment.

She said someone took a picture of him on the floor after the attack and posted it online.

Wilson told us her son's injuries were severe.

"The ambulance didn't want to transport him because they didn't think they could make it to the hospital on time and my son might die," she said.

Wilson said the staff has no idea how long he was unconscious in the bathroom.

The school sent a letter to parents on Monday notifying them of the assault, but Wilson said it downplayed the severity of her son's injuries. The letter from principal Chrystal Benson said:

"Dear Parents/Guardians:

"Earlier today, one of our students was transported by helicopter as a precautionary measure to a local hospital after being found in a bathroom with a possible head injury. The student was conscious at the time of transport and school administrators are investigating.

"Our focus at Westlake High School is to provide children with a safe learning environment. Please remind your children of their role in keeping our school safe and inviting for students and staff. Talk with them about the importance of sharing information, especially anything they feel could disrupt the school day or jeopardize their safety or the safety of others. Students can speak to their teachers, administrators, counselors or the school resource officer if they have any concerns.

"Thank you for your support as we work together to keep Westlake High School a safe place for students and staff.

"If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at school."

"I shouldn't have to worry about getting phone calls about my son lying on a cold floor unconscious," Wilson said. "I do intend on making sure that justice is served for my son."

The boy is still suffering the effects of a severe concussion. He is now resting at home and has chosen to not go back to school for now

Charles County Public Schools sent a statement saying:

"Charles County Public Schools and Westlake High School take all fighting and acts of violence seriously. The school has taken appropriate action in this case and continues to cooperate fully with the Charles County Sheriff's Office in the investigation."

The Charles County Sheriff's Office said a school resource officer has been assigned to investigate this case and a suspect will soon be charged as a juvenile with second-degree assault.