Md. police warn of marijuana dabbing dangers

Howard County police are warning about the dangers of a concentrated form of marijuana called "dabbing."

Police said they have seen multiple cases this summer involving dabbing, including an incident in which a 16-year-old girl was unresponsive and hospitalized after inhaling one hit of the substance.

In dabbing, users inhale vapors from "dabs" of waxy or solid marijuana concentrate, which creates an intense high. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is concentrated into an oil called butane hash oil or BHO.

The dabbing process can raise marijuana potency from the standard street level of 15 percent to 80 percent or more, police warned.

Dabbing can cause side effects such as rapid heartbeat, blackouts, loss of consciousness, paranoia and hallucinations.

There is also danger in making BHO because it is highly flammable and can cause fires, explosions and burns, authorities said.

Howard County police are encouraging anyone with information about dabbing or other drug activity to call 410-290-DRUG.