Md. Gov. Hogan is 'hopeful' as Trump presidency approaches

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan did not endorse or vote for President-elect Donald Trump during his candidacy. On Tuesday during a sit-down interview with FOX 5, the Republican governor opened up about his hopes for Trump's presidency.

"I'm hopeful," Hogan said. "Just because I don't agree with everything, doesn't mean I don't want the president to succeed."

He went on to explain, "I wanted President Obama to succeed. I want President Trump to succeed."

Hogan spoke about his goals for improving infrastructure in Maryland and noted the connection to the Trump administration's focus on infrastructure.

"I think that could be helpful to Maryland if we can get some funding for things that we're not able to do without the federal government's help," the governor said.

While Hogan did not attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this past summer, he said that he does plan to attend the official swearing in with all 50 governors from across the country.

Gov. Hogan noted that he has a "great relationship" with Reince Priebus, the future White House Chief of Staff, and he called Vice President-elect Mike Pence "a very good friend." Hogan went on to say "the Vice President assured me we'll have a great relationship."