Maryland, Virginia hardest states to get a driver's license, study says

Maryland and Virginia are the toughest states to pass your driver's test, according to a recent study. 

The study, by Arizona personal injury lawyers Zanes Law, looked at seven factors to see which states were the hardest to get a driver's license in. 

The study looked at:

  • New full privilege minimum age  
  • New learner stage minimum age 
  • New intermediate stage minimum age  
  • Ratio of licensed drivers to the total number of registered private & commercial vehicles 
  • Driving population per 1,000 people of driving age  
  • Driving population aged 19 and under per 1,000 people 
  • Knowledge test pass score (out of 100) 

Maryland ranked as the most difficult state to pass your driver's test, with one of the hardest knowledge tests and requiring a score of 88%. Plus, new drivers need to be over 18 to get a full privilege license without restrictions or supervision. 

"Maryland is known for its dicey weather, traffic congestion and complex roadways which can make driving more challenging. This can explain why the driver’s test is one of the most difficult, as new drivers must feel confident driving in such conditions and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the state’s traffic laws," said a Zanes Law representative. 

Virginia was ranked second most difficult. Virginia's driver's license and permit practice test is considered one of the most difficult. The test is in two parts: the first part requries a 100% score to pass, and the second requires and 80% score to pass. 

On the opposite end, Michigan ranked as the easiest state to get a driver's license, with permits issued as young as 14 years and 8 months old.