Maryland offers $1 million to vaxxed and boosted residents

Vaxxed and boosted? You could become a millionaire in the State of Maryland.

"We are going to draw the VaxCash 2.0 grand prize winner of $1 million," Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director of Communications Carole Gentry told FOX 5 Monday. "Let me say that again, $1 million."

It’s the second time the state has run a big-money promotion encouraging people to get their shots. This time around, you’re eligible if you’re a Maryland resident at least 18-years-old who’s been vaccinated and boosted in-state.

"It made people aware of what they needed to do, that vaccines were still available, boosters were still available, readily available, in fact. So we think it has done a lot to help overall," Gentry explained.


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A spokesperson for the Maryland Department of Health also told FOX 5 that from February 8, 2022, when Governor Hogan announced VaxCash 2.0 to today, more than 200,000 Marylanders have chosen to get boosted.

But not everyone agreed the promotion — paid for with Maryland’s portion of the American Rescue Plan Act — actually convinced people to get their shots.

A study posted by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that financial incentives do not increase COVID-19 vaccinations among the vaccine-hesitant.

And while Gentry told FOX 5 she has heard some people say the giveaway influenced their decision, others said it did not.

"I would’ve done it anyway," George Petrides said Monday afternoon in Bethesda.

More information about VaxCash 2.0  can be found here.