Maryland murder suspect was freed due to COVID concerns before allegedly stabbing 63-year-old to death

Justin Wilson was freed from jail over coronavirus concerns before stabbing a man to death in July, officials say.

A man accused of stabbing a 63-year-old man to death late last month in Germantown got out of jail earlier this year due to coronavirus concerns, court records show.

26-year-old Justin Wilson of Germantown faces first-degree murder charges after the July 23 death of 63-year-old Edigio Ienzi, also of Germantown.

Court records show a Montgomery County judge in April released Wilson from jail, where he was awaiting trial on theft and other charges.

Jails throughout the country have released inmates this year in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.

But Wilson is now the latest local suspect accused of violent crime following an early release.

Police in Virginia this week said that a rape suspect who was released from jail in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic went on to kill the woman who had accused him.

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Montgomery County police say one of Ienzi's relatives woke up July 23 to see Ienzi struggling with Wilson, who was holding a knife. Ienzi later died from stab wounds at a nearby hospital. 

The relative told police Wilson was in the home three or four weeks earlier. Several silver coins were missing from the home following Wilson's visit.

Police say they arrested Wilson on July 28 in Stafford County, Virginia.