Maryland man wins $5 million lottery scratch-off prize

A Maryland man is all smiles after winning a $5 million lottery scratch-off prize.

Troy Deneau of Dorchester County claimed his prize earlier this month after hitting big on the ‘50 Years!’ game that celebrates the Maryland Lottery’s 50th anniversary.

"We are very grateful for this win," said Deneau who cashed his lucky ticket at Lottery headquarters with his wife Rachel. "I am now set for retirement."

Maryland man Troy Deneau wins $5 million lottery scratch-off prize (Maryland Lottery)

Deneau owns a fire-protection company on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and picked up his ticket at the Dash In gas station on Main Street in Worcester County. While initially thinking about retiring, Deneau said he’ll keep working. "At first, I said ‘I’m done,’ but we have been too dedicated to this company for 30 years to walk away," he told Lottery officials.

The 50 Years! Game arrived in stores on Feb. 20, 2023, as part of the Maryland Lottery’s 50th anniversary celebration. With Deneau’s win, two of the three $5 million top prizes have been claimed.