Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan warns of major surge in coronavirus cases

As COVID-19 cases surge nationwide, Gov. Larry Hogan warned Marylanders that the state just saw the highest number of new cases since July –– nearly 1,200 new cases in 24 hours.

The state’s positivity rate is 4.2 percent statewide with seven counties, including Prince George’s, at over 5 percent.

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Hogan said this doesn’t warrant drastic, immediate action, but said it puts us at a “pivotal moment” in this fight where people can’t be complacent. He said masks are the single best mitigation strategy to keep people safe and keep the state open for business,” 

“I mean, it’s that simple,” Hogan said. “It’s not that hard. Just wear the damn masks.”

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When asked about schools re-opening, Hogan took a different tone than in the past.

In August, he encouraged all schools to begin transitioning to in-person learning in some form and later pushed school districts to reopen after the first quarter.

“Nobody’s looking to fill the schools back up when the virus is spread around as it is,” Hogan said.

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