Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan talks leaving office, possibility of running for president

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is sitting down exclusively with FOX 5 as he leaves office to discuss whether he will run for president in 2024.

In a rare interview inside the Government House, Gov. Hogan told FOX 5 he has been fielding interest from people across the country encouraging him to run for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

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Gov. Hogan says he believes Donald Trump's grip on the Republican Party is loosening. 

"We’re finally starting to see, finally it move in that direction," says Gov. Hogan. "And I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that eventually the Trump influence is going to diminish and people are going to be looking for new leadership and there’s no question that’s now."

Gov. Hogan has made national headlines as a Republican governor in a Democratic state with approval ratings hovering around 70 percent.

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However, the state Republican Party he leads is not in good shape. After GOP nominee Dan Cox was trounced in the governor's race, Gov. Hogan tells FOX 5 that Maryland state Republicans need to hit the reset button.

"Does that apply to the Maryland Republican Party as well because there’s been some struggles lately? Well it’s, they didn't follow the playbook that was successful in our state and we are the bluest state in America," says Gov. Hogan. "Donald Trump lost this state by 33 points much more than California, New York or Oregon." 

After welcoming Governor-elect Wes Moore to the State House last month, Gov. Hogan tells FOX 5 he and the First Lady will welcome Moore and his wife and children to tour Government House this weekend which will be Moore's new home starting Jan. 18.

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The full sit down with Gov. Hogan will be available soon on FOX 5's On The Hill.