Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan delivers farewell address after 8 years of leadership

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan delivered his farewell address to residents on Tuesday night, wrapping up eight years of leading the state.

"We have come a long way together over the last eight years changing Maryland for the better," said Governor Hogan. "I look forward to having one final opportunity to express to Marylanders how grateful I am for the privilege to serve as governor, and share some thoughts about the direction of our state and our country."

As a Republican governor in a Democratic state, Hogan experienced high approval ratings during his time with the most recent numbers hovering around 70 percent.

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As he rounds out his time as governor, there is much speculation over whether he will run for president in 2024. Gov. Hogan told FOX 5 he has been fielding interest from people across the country encouraging him to run for the Republican nomination.

He has not made any official announcements about running but has also not ruled out the possibility.

Watch Hogan's full farewell address below: