Maryland dad films son's adorable reaction to being picked up from pre-K

Every day for a month, this proud dad filmed himself picking up his son from pre-K and the compilation will give you all the feels.

Projex Santana is an RNB artist from Prince George's County, and as a content creator he wanted to create something that tied in his everyday life with a piece of his heart, so he filmed himself picking up his son from school for an entire month.

The end result was a heartwarming compilation of a little boy giddily screaming 'daddy' at the sight of his father walking through the classroom door. All parents can agree, there is nothing purer than a child genuinely excited to see their mom or dad.

Santana tweeted the video and said:

"The excitement on my son's face when I pick him up is so refreshing. I been recording him for the pass month. Happy Father's Day to me."