Manassas City police chief wants to raise speed limit in two school zones

A Northern Virginia police chief wants to raise the speed limit in two school zones.      

"It is unusual that we are looking to raise speed limits," admitted Manassas City Police Department Chief Doug Keen.

Here’s the reason why: as previously reported by Inside Nova, the school zone speed limits in front of Metz Middle and Round Elementary are 15 miles per hour, unlike the 25 mile per hour school zone speed limit everywhere else in the city.

"The majority of cars are traveling well in excess of 15," Keen said. "They’re more in the 25-30 mile per hour range."

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So, he wants to raise the speed limits in front of the two schools to 25 miles per hour while also adding speed cameras. 

The cameras are possible because of Virginia legislation passed in 2020 that allows speed cameras in school and work zones.

"We’re really looking for compliance to get our community to drive 25 miles per hour in those school zones during school times," the chief explained.


Residents who spoke to FOX 5 Friday evening had mixed reviews.             

"I think the cameras are gonna work as a good deterrent," said Dexter Brown.

"I think they just want to put cameras out here just to get people speeding to make more money," added Greg Fields.

Keen said the plan still needs final approval from the city council later this month. He added that if all goes as planned, they hope to have the new speed limits and cameras ready to go in time for the new school year.