Man shot and killed, first murder of 2015 in Prince George's County

Police towed two cars away from the crime scene, one of them riddled with bullets. Some residents say he may have been followed in the parking garage. "Unfortunately there may have been a shootout of sorts that resulted in the death," said Corey Fitzgerald Sanders, President of the Neighborhood Association of Camden College Park Apartments.

The murder alarmed residents. They recently formed the neighborhood association after a spike in crimes. In November police reported at least six break-ins and over the last several months there have been an number of thefts from cars but nothing as violent as this. "I thought this was a safer part of Prince George's County. With the break-ins and now this i'm really not feeling very safe at all," said another resident, Nyssa, who did not want her last name used.

As police try to find the killer and a motive some here are taking their own measures in response to the recent rash of crimes. "I'm waiting on it i'm waiting for them to break into my place. I'm armed. I'll do whatever i have to do to protect my family," said Luther, Jr.