Man pleads guilty to sexual assault, robbery in Wheaton area

A gunman who preyed on women near the Wheaton Metro station last December pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting one of his victims on Monday.

Christian Jordan, 20, admitted to stalking women on a pedestrian bridge and in the parking garage near the Metro station. It was a crime spree that went on for several days before police arrested him outside the Wheaton Westfield shopping mall.

Jordan was charged for three different incidents that occurred in December. He was accused of attacking one woman, attempting to assault two others and robbing a cab driver of $50.

In Montgomery County Circuit Court on Monday, Jordan admitted he was the man who carried a gun and committed the crimes. The judge said he faces up to 25 years in prison.

Jordan was captured on December 11 after an attempted kidnapping near the shopping mall. Officers had a picture of Jordan and found him in the stairwell of a J.C. Penney store. He had changed his pants, but was still wearing a jacket seen on the suspect on the day before. Police also found a gun.

The Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office released photos of the weapon that looks very similar to a semi-automatic handgun. Police say Jordan used the handgun in the robbery of the cab driver and the sexual assault.

After his arrest, Jordan agreed to speak to the police. Portions of his videotaped confession were released to the media on Monday and Jordan describes an encounter with one of his victims.

Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office spokesperson Ramon Korionoff said two of his victims were able to get away.

"Through the confrontation with the defendant, one victim was able to scare him off," he said. "Another was not completed because a stranger was passing by in the stairwell and interrupted the act. Unfortunately, the third victim was forced to complete that sexual assault."

Jordan has been jailed since his arrest and will stay locked up until he is sentenced in October.