Man in custody after barricade situation inside Gaithersburg home

A tense standoff in a Montgomery County neighborhood came to a peaceful end on Monday.

Police say a man is in custody after barricading himself inside a townhouse with a gun on Kelso Terrace in Gaithersburg.

For about two hours, the entire neighborhood and the surrounding streets were on lockdown. Police say it all happened after a fight with an employee at the employee's home.

Neighbors were evacuated out of their homes while officers held shields to protect them from the man who barricaded himself.

The victim inside the home was able to escape and call police.

"He said it got really bad, the guy was really big and he got the better of him," said neighbor Chris Flores. "One thing led to another and he was able to get out of the house. Then he told police there were guns in there."

Police do believe alcohol played a role in all of this. They say the gun involved belonged to the resident of the house and not the man who barricaded himself in there.

The suspect finally surrendered and is now in police custody.