Man impersonates police officer in Stafford County, deputies say

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. (FOX 5 DC) -- A Virginia woman was pulled over last weekend, but according to deputies, the man ordering her to stop her vehicle was an imposter.

It happened Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Kings Highway and Caisson Road in Stafford County.

According to investigators, the man drove a white vehicle with emergency lights and a long antenna.

While the woman did initially stop her car, she refused to roll down her window unless the man -- wearing tan clothing, a hat, and aviator sunglasses -- showed identification, deputies said.

Ultimately, the man ran back to his vehicle and sped away in the direction of King George, and as of Tuesday night, he's still on the run.

So how can you know if the person pulling you over is actually law enforcement?

According to Sgt. Chris Neuhard of the Stafford County Sheriff's Department, all police and sheriff's department vehicles in Virginia will display some sort of forward-facing blue light which may be used in tandem with red or white lights. Also, unmarked units will typically have the lights in both the windshield and grill at a minimum. Plus, Neuhard added, all law enforcement vehicles will have a siren, which impersonators are unlikely to have.

As for the officers themselves, Neuhard said personnel assigned to regular duty will be in uniform, while detectives or officers on alternative assignment will display a badge and carry a credential with their name and photo on it.

Finally, if you're unsure whether the person pulling you over is actually law enforcement, Neuhard recommends activating your hazard lights and reducing your speed, before calling 911 to verify the officer's identity while driving to a populated, well-lit area.