Man describes terrorizing moments home intruder held him hostage

Some terrifying moments for a Newnan homeowner who said he came face to face with an intruder in the living room of his home.

"Get a great trainer, practice and you're never good enough, if you ever get a gun and again it's not for everybody," said Brad VanDonsel, the homeowner.

Extensive firearms training has been a way of life for years for VanDonsel, which came into play Tuesday night just before midnight when he heard the back door opening.

"I pied the corner came around slow. He'd never hear me. Stepped out, leaned out, he's right there," said VanDonsel.

VanDonsel said he was ordered to his knees with hands up. He said as he was backing up to get his cell phone from the couch to call police, the would-be burglar escaped.

Newnan police said they arrested 22-year-old Brandon Hamilton near VanDonsel's home short'y after VanDonsel called 911.

"Patrol did an excellent job. They were real quick to respond, payed attention to detail and were able to apprehend this person," said Lt. Tate Washington with the Newnan Police Department.

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He said VanDonsel maintained a cool head when it counted.

"The person who lives at this residence had the due diligence to hold the suspect at bay versus firing a shot," said Lt. Washington.

VanDonsel said he's confident Brandon Hamilton had been at the house before.

"Two or three days before there was a gentleman that was scoping out the property," said VanDonsel.

The 54-year-old said he's renovating and selling the Newnan home where he came face-to-face with Hamilton, an experience he hopes no others go through, weapons or not.

"'Have an alarm system, have your doors locked, a dog. If you do choose to have a gun, train, train, train," said VanDonsel.

Hamilton was being held at the Cowetta County Jail on a charge of burglary. Police also said he had outstanding warrants on other theft charges.

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