Man charged with killing father and stepmother in San Francisco home speaks from jail

A 23-year-old man charged with killing his father and stepmother over the weekend as they slept in their San Francisco Bayview home, tells KTVU in an exclusive interview what led up to the deadly shootings and why he did it. 

We previously heard from his stepmother's family, but on Thursday, Irvin Hernandez Flores, granted KTVU an interview from San Francisco County Jail where he is being held. 


Irvin Hernandez Flores grants KTVU an exclusive interview from San Francisco County Jail. 

He was soft-spoken at times and emotional. He said he only remembers some details about what happened. 

Flores said he had drank heavily before he drove to his father and stepmother's home in the Bayview District early Saturday morning armed with a gun but that he did not have any intention of killing them. 

When asked why he had a gun on him, he answered, "I don't remember much, but that gun was legally mine."

Flores said he went to Jose Hernandez and Yessenia Soto Hernandez's bedroom while they were sleeping. He said his father woke up, charged at him in the dark and Flores said he fired his gun. 

"Once I emptied the clip I turned on the lights and I see him on the floor. I see his suffering and then I stopped his suffering."

"You shot him some more?" he was asked. "Yes, ma'am," Flores responded. 

When asked why he shot his stepmother, Flores said she was in the crossfire. "I didn't have any intentions to deal with her," he said.

After the shooting, Flores live streamed the crime scene in a profanity laced rant. He said he doesn't remember much about what he said. He did indicate it may have been a way of saying good bye to his family, indicating that he may not be seeing them for a long time. 

Flores said he fired a total of 20 rounds and that his 11-year-old half sister witnessed what happened.

"She wasn't crying. She was shocked. She needed my help to get in contact with emergency," Flores said. He said he helped his sister call 911.

He said heavy drinking and anger at his father over recent revelations by a relative accusing his father of sexual abuse in the past led to the deadly shootings. 

He said he's sorry for the hurt he has caused his family.

"I want to apologize. I didn't voluntarily want to do this. Our heavenly father knows I didn't do this with the intent to kill my father --especially my sister's mom who had nothing to do with this." 

Flores said he was honorably discharged from the Marines after four and a half years of service. 

He said he was in the process of fulfilling his dream of joining the San Francisco Police Department to become a SWAT member as a sniper. 

"All my life I wanted to do good for my family, but my father-he killed my dreams," said Flores. 

Flores is being held at San Francisco County Jail with no bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday. Flores said he plans to plead not guilty to premeditated murder.

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