Man charged with attempted rape of woman on Metro train

A man charged with attempting to rape a woman on a Red Line Metro train is being held without bond, the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office said.

John Prentice Hicks has been charged with attempted first-degree rape, first-degree sexual offense and second-degree assault in an attack that happened on the morning of April 12 as the train was traveling between the Forest Glen and Glenmont Metro stations.

According to court documents, the victim reported that she was asleep on the train, but woke up as the train was at the Fort Totten or Takoma station. She claims Hicks approached her on the train and attempted to engage her in conversation before he displayed a knife. He then placed her in a bear hug and forced her to another section of the Metro train where he attempted to rape her.

The court documents go on to say Hicks forced the victim to perform oral sex on him. After a struggle over the knife, the victim's finger was cut, which required treatment at the hospital.

After the train reached the Glenmont Metro station, the victim said she was ordered to stay on the train while she saw the suspect leave the train and board another car. The victim then reported the incident to a Metro employee on the platform.

Metro Transit Police reviewed video from the Glenmont station platform, which showed the suspect leaving the Metro station.

Detectives identified Hicks as the suspect in the incident after he was recognized as a suspect in another sex crime in Montgomery County. He was also linked as the registered user of a SmarTrip card used to exit the Glenmont station at the time the suspect was seen leaving the fare gate.

Police said the victim also positively identified Hicks as the suspect.