Man apprehended after police chase in Arlington

A routine traffic stop turned dangerous for a police officer after a suspect he pulled over suddenly drove off and almost dragged him.

The wild scene played out on the streets of Arlington just blocks from police headquarters.

Police took 22-year-old Dreyon Iracks of Washington D.C., into custody and charged him with felony eluding, assault police, carrying a concealed weapon, providing a false ID, reckless driving and driving on a suspended license.

Investigators say they recovered a gun in his car.

It all started at around 12:20 p.m. Wednesday when a man was pulled over for running a red light at 10th Street N and Route 50.

During the traffic stop, the driver took off and the officer tried to keep up on foot alongside the vehicle for about five to ten feet before he broke off.

"The suspect appeared to be a little squeamish, something wasn't right," said Arlington County Police spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck. "The officer was leaning inside the vehicle. The suspect floors it, takes off. The officer is holding on for his safety and let go."

The suspect then sped through the neighborhood with police following. The suspect's car got two flat tires and crashed into a police car.

Then the man then got out and started running though a park. Police chased him caught near Fairfax Drive and N Barton Street.

Eyewitness Miguel Carcamo Campos helped apprehend him.

"He wanted me to let him go and continue running away from the police officer," said Carcamo Campos, who did not comply with the suspect's request.

Arlington police say they found a gun in the suspect's car. They searched the vehicle for hours and searched the area along where he tried to make his escape.

Police say they are looking into why the man fled what was essentially a routine traffic stop, but they suspect it has to do with that gun they say they found.

The officer who made that stop was not injured.