Makiyah Wilson's uncle walking from DC to Philly after 10-year-old niece's death

The uncle of a 10-year-old girl shot and killed in DC is looking to spread awareness of gun violence by walking to Philadelphia from DC.

This comes just as Mayor Bowser announces she will be speaking with DC Police Chief Peter Newsham and public safety officials to provide updates on the homicide of the young girl, Makiyah Wilson.

Makiyah's uncle, Mike D'Angelo is planning to walk over 130 miles from the spot in DC on 53rd Street Northeast, where Makiyah was shot and killed, to Philadelphia.

D'Angelo says he plans to end his walk at the Department of Justice in downtown Philly in honor of someone close to him, who was killed in Philly a few days before Makiyah.

Mike D'Angelo tells FOX 5 the walk is about spreading love.

"So many kids lost their life in the district and I feel like now is the time that somebody step up and just try to make a stand, do something legendary that the people remember no matter what you can think twice about squeezing that trigger," he said.

Family members held another vigil for Makiyah on Sunday, after the one last week was rained out.

On July 16, gunmen pulled up into the Northeast neighborhood and shot into a group of people, killing 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson, and injuring several others.
Police say they're looking for four suspects. Sources tell FOX 5 as many as 50 to 70 shots were fired during the shooting

Police found the suspect's car after releasing photos and surveillance video, but are yet to make any arrests.

"These cowards need to be held accountable for their actions because when you sign up for the streets, this is what happens - they come with certain rules and guidelines," said D'Angelo.

"Learn the rules and the guidelines of the streets. If you get out here, you see kids, you see parents, you see mothers out here, buck a U-turn and come back if that's what you got in your heart to do."

DC-based artist Demont Pinder painted a portrait of Makiyah, which D'Angelo has been carrying with him to honor her.

The 10-year-old was about to enter the fifth grade this fall and was going to play on the school basketball team.

On Sunday, police say several gunmen got out of a car and started firing into a crowd of people standing outside at 4500 block of Quarles Street, Northeast, less than two miles from where Makiyah was shot and killed. Two people were injured in the shooting.