Lockhart family has a special Christmas in renovated home

Fox 7 has been following the story of a Lockhart family who has been living in unsafe conditions inside their home.

In November, the community rallied together to help renovate their home, and they've made a lot of progress, making this Christmas, a unique one for the Torres family.

"It's changed a whole lot. It's very nice. We feel very blessed," said Christine Torres.

Neighbor Joel Gammage saw the conditions the three siblings were living in and reached out to help. There were infestation issues, a roof falling apart, and mold all over the home.

"We had health issues because of it. But we are feeling better, we're doing better," said Torres.

"It was horrible, it had no heat, no water, roof leaks. It was just in really bad shape," said Bill Young, volunteer.

Community members hung sheet rock, put in brand new installation, and plenty more things. There is a little more to do.

"Honestly for me, I came from a similar environment growing up, so it was really important as an adult, to be able to give back," said Gammage.

Much progress has been made, enough to make this Christmas a special one.

"Previously we would have to go to my sister's in Austin. This year we can spend it here," said Gammage.

The difference over the last month is like night and day. Gammage says if they can rally up a little more help, the house could be completely done within a month.

"It's basically a new house by the time we get done with it," said Gammage.