Local community responds to New Zealand mosque terror attacks

Faith leaders and government officials offered support to the local Muslim community at the Adams Center in Sterling Friday in the wake of the deadly shootings at two mosques in New Zealand that claimed the lives of 49 people and injured several others.

In a sign of solidarity, hundreds of people of all faiths came together at a vigil and offered support in the best way they could. During the vigil, faith leaders condemned the terror attack and offered their words of support to the community -- a gesture that was well received.

"This morning, when I wanted to come to the Friday prayer, I was a bit uneasy but I always, the community around, non-Muslims and Christians are always warm," said Najeeb Shaik.

"The support that we've received has been amazing. It shows the solidarity between different faiths for the Jewish leaders, for the Christian leaders, for the Rabbis, for everyone to be here it's certainly amazing," said Riaz Rayek. "It's comforting to have everyone come together as a community and offer support to the Muslim community here. It's a huge deal."