Like brand new: Woman cleans dirty tea kettle using Coca-Cola

That’s one way to use Coca-Cola.

A woman in the United Kingdom demonstrated a cleaning method using soda and the results were surprisingly satisfying.

Amanda Mandeville of Otterbourne in Hampshire, England, posted a TikTok video showing how to clean an electric kettle using Coke.

The video starts by showcasing a very dirty kettle, but Mandeville then pours a bottle of Coke into the kettle and sets it to boil at the highest temperature.

It boils for thirty minutes then Mandeville empties the contents and scrubs the inside before repeating the process once more.

“I’m pretty excited because the idea of putting chemicals in here, and having to rinse it out loads and loads makes me feel a bit bad,” Mandeville says in the video. The end results is a surprisingly shiny tea kettle.

“Oh, my gosh, Coke did well,” Mandeville said.

Mandeville has posted several videos on her TikTok account trying other cleaning hacks.

Storyful contributed to this story.