Leap Year 2016: Deals and Freebies

If this February feels extra-long to you - you're right!

That's because it's Leap Year!

Every four years an extra day is added to the month of February - giving it 29 days instead of 28 - in order to keep our calendar from drifting too far off course.

The day is special for those who have birthdays on February 29 - because technically - their birthday comes only once every four years.

Arnecia is our Facebook Fan of the Day, on Monday, February 29th! Today is Arnecia's birthday! She is a leap year baby,...

There are lots of deals and events on February 29 - Leap Day - too!

Check these out:

Olive Garden - free desserts for Leap Year babies

Pizza Hut - free Personal Pan Pizzas to anyone born on February 29

Krispy Kreme Leap Year Dozens - A Dozen Original Glazed for $2.29

National Harbor Leap Day Party