Kitten with mustache found abandoned in donation bin

A little feline, known as "Mustache Kitten," was found abandoned in a donation bin at a Salvation Army in downtown Fresno, California.

The kitten, also called Sally Ann, has a pattern around its mouth in the shape of a perfect mustache... a cat-stache!

A Salvation Army worker called local shelter The Cat House on the Kings to pick up the cat. The shelter doesn't believe it will ever be ale to find who abandoned the cat, but in the meantime, it's using the kitten's funny look to draw attention to the need of spaying and neutering animals.

"We think she's movie star potential here with that look," said Beth Caffrey with The Cat House on the Kings. "Or at least the next internet super sensation."

Caffrey said the cat was going to get spayed so that she can get everything done in order to be re-homed.

"We think she's going to be a beauty the rest of her life and especially given the right kind of care," said Caffrey.

Cat House on the Kings said Mustache Kitten is getting medical care and food. They expect her to be ready for adoption within the next few days.

MEET SALLY ANN ~ JUST RESCUED TODAY! Sally Ann is an adorable girl (with a cute catstache!) who was dropped by someone...

If you're interested in adopting Sally Ann, click here.