Judge delays decision on Damascus High School rape suspect's case

A Montgomery County judge announced he would not rule on if a former Damascus High School football player, who is accused of taking part in a violent locker room sexual assault against his own teammates, will have his case moved to juvenile court until later this week.

Investigators allege the attacks took place the afternoon of Halloween inside a Damascus High School locker room just before football practice. One alleged victim told police the lights were turned off, he was held down, and sexually assaulted with a wooden broomstick.

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Tuesday's hearing revealed new details about 15-year-old JC Abedi's past. According to testimony, Abedi has had three previous run-ins with the department of juvenile services for alleged second-degree assault, alleged theft, and an alleged robbery. His lawyer pointed out that some of those charges were dismissed.

It was also learned that since middle school, Abedi has been suspended 12 separate times for issues such as fighting, sexual harassment, theft, and bullying.

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A Montgomery County Public Schools official also testified that schools have called Abedi's mother a total of 141 times due to his behavior over the years.

Abedi's defense attorney argued that the teenager deals with severe ADHD that went undiagnosed until recently, which lead to some of his behavioral problems.

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The judge presiding over Abedi's case said he would rule on whether the case would move to juvenile court at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Three other suspects who were originally charged as adults had their cases moved to juvenile court. Another suspect was originally charged as a juvenile and sources confirmed to FOX 5 that suspect was sentenced to 100 hours of community service after pleading guilty to third-degree sexual offense.