Journey to help vets deal with post-traumatic stress disorder

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Eleven people from all across the country set out on a 22-mile journey for our nation's veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

"22 veterans a day commit suicide due to PTSD and TBI, so we are coming together to walk 22 miles throughout the city to raise awareness of that."

Organizing the walk is 18-year-old, Eric Sullivan from Connecticut. Who has just enlisted and is headed to basic training in October.

"It sounds cliche but I wanted to join the military to save lives and I didn't want to wait for combat to do so, I saw a need and I just wanted to meet it."

PTSD is something he has seen in members of his own family---a change many of us can't begin to understand.

"My cousin did tours in Iraq and obviously I knew him before his deployment and I knew him after, that change unsettled me,"

People from across the country, both veterans and non- veterans, joined Sullivan.

James Gavin has been in the army for over 5 years---and this problem, is one he knows all too well.

"It's a really prevalent issue, every year I have been in someone has gone, so it's all over," Gavin said.

This group says with 22 veterans a day killing themselves because of PTSD they not only want to raise awareness-- but raise money to help manage it.

"It costs about $28,000 to treat one vet at Carrick Brain Center, I know we won't get that but we will go until we stop."

A cause this group is not willing to give up on - walking and remembering those who have been lost - one step at a time.

The group has set up a GoFundMe account where they are raising money for the carrick brain centers to help treat veterans with PTSD. All of the proceeds will go to the Carrick Center.

You can donate on their GoFundMe page or follow Eric's journey on Instagram at @military_training