Jack Russell Terrier pup stolen in Loudoun County, owner offering reward

A Virginia family is heartbroken after they say their dogs were stolen on Thursday night. Police are investigating the case as a felony and asking for help from those in the area.

At just 14 weeks old, Tuka who also goes by "Tukee" is the latest addition to Malicia von Falkenhausen's furry family at her home in Middleburg, Virginia.

Von Falkenhausen, a polo player, has horses and a one-and-a-half-year-old Catahoula, Cash.

"He heard the horses in the morning, he loves to work and Tukee, the little Jack Russell, is just the sweetest thing," said von Falkenhausen.

The pups go everywhere with von Falkenhausen and Thursday night they hung out inside her air conditioned truck while she ran inside Red Horse Tavern to pick up dinner. But when she returned 15 minutes later, the truck was ransacked and the dogs were gone.

"When we noticed someone was rummaging through the truck, through the glove box, that's when I started freaking out, crying, having a panic attack. My poor dogs, they're like my family."

Cash was found by animal control the following day in Fairfax. He was found dumped by Gallows Toad and Route 50, suffering an injured leg in the process.

But Tukee remains missing. Middleburg police aren't taking her disappearance lightly.

They're investigating the theft as a felony, urging potential witnesses and anyone who knows the dog's whereabouts to speak up.

Von Falkenhausen says Tukee's easy to spot.

"And she has ears that have little black dots and that's how I can tell its her out of a million dogs, because no one has that," she said.

Von Falkenhausen believes the culprit wants to sell her puppy so she's offering double the market value of a Jack Russell puppy as a reward. She'll pay $2,000 to anyone who returns it.

Anyone who may know of Tukee's whereabouts is asked to call Middleburg police.