Is it already too late to start shopping for the holiday season?

There are 65 days until Christmas and with shipping slowdowns prominent across the U.S., a question looms: is it too late already to get your holiday shopping done?

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FOX 5's Tisha Lewis says it depends on what you're getting and where you're going to get it.

Senior Director of Industry and Consumer Insights for the National Retail Federation Katherine Cullen says it's not too late to shop online for the holidays, but this year might look different.

"Certainly some products may be impacted in different ways and we are encouraging, and retailers are also encouraging consumers, to start shopping early to make sure that they can find the items they need in time," she says.

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Cullen reminds consumers that this is a time of year that retailers prepare for far in advance.

"But keep in mind, this is a major time of year for retailers," she adds. "They've been planning for it for a while. Many have moved to get inventory in sooner than they would in typical years. They're expecting to have inventory in warehouses and in stores through the holiday season."


She also says it is always best practice to get your holiday shopping done sooner rather than later.