Instructional CPR kiosks make debut at major airports

Airport travelers now have another way to pass the time during layovers and delays thanks to an interactive training kiosk offering lessons in lifesaving CPR skills. The kiosks debuted at five major airport hubs across the U.S. Wednesday.

Each Hands-Only CPR training kiosk, provided by the American Heart Association (AHA) together with the Anthem Foundation, features a touch screen with a video program that gives users a brief "how-to," followed by a practice session and a 30-second CPR test. Each is equipped with either a rubber torso or practice mannequin so users can receive feedback about the depth and rate of compressions and proper hand placement.

"Cardiac arrest remains a leading cause of death in the United States, and survival depends on immediately receiving CPR from someone nearby," Dr. Clifton Callaway, chair of AHA's emergency cardiovascular care committee and a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, said in a news release. "Although in-person training is still the best way to learn high-quality CPR, the kiosk will provide additional training that could make a difference and save the life of someone you love."

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