Indian Trail man drives 'kidney car' to try and get wife an organ transplant

An Indian Trail man is trying everything possible to get his wife an organ transplant, and that includes a rolling billboard he hopes will help save her life.

Luis Pinto put lettering on the back of his Jeep that says "Wife needs Kidney, 'O' Blood Type." He put his phone number, 704-620-8198, hoping to find a living kidney donor for his wife, Phyllis Pinto.

Phyllis has polycystic kidney disease. She says her father and grandfather both died from the condition.

Phyllis was diagnosed about three years ago and is about to start dialysis. She's on a transplant waiting list, but time is working against her. Phyllis found out this week she's in the final stage of kidney failure.

She says she's so grateful for her husband's support. Phyllis said tearfully, "I'm just thankful that God has sent me such a loving man, a loving man that cares about me so much."

Luis Pinto said, "She's my soulmate, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to find her a donor.

Luis has diabetes and is unable to donate a kidney to his wife.

The Pintos say they've gotten calls from as far away as Texas from people wanting to help. Now, they're hoping people will take the next step to be tested, which is the first step in finding out if they're a match for Phyllis.

Want to help? Check out their GoFundMe account!