Impending winter weather may mean some school districts shorten Spring Break, as snow days run low

The impending weather has most of the area on standby for what to expect - especially school districts, as some have already used up all their snow days.

So what does this March storm mean for districts with no days left and for parents left dealing with it all?

Districts around the DMV are watching and waiting to make the call, whether it will be a snow day, a two-hour delay or nothing at all.

For some school districts, make-up days could cut into planned family vacation:

Haddy Jangun said she and her three kids would be affected. Their family is planning a trip to Disney Land during Spring Break, so a snow day with a make-up day during that time puts the trip in jeopardy.

She tells FOX 5 she would have to take a day off work if a snow day is called.

"I wake up at 7 o'clock and see what time on the website if school is canceled, delayed and we go from there," she said.

But she said she will make the most of it.

"I got some popcorn and movies ready in case they have to stay home," she said.

Many other families on stand-by are stocking up in the mean time.

FOX 5 caught Fred Carney as he headed out of the store, groceries in hand.

"I want to beat tomorrow's rush," he explained. "People are cranky. They're pushing and shoving, certainly not in the best of spirits."