Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, & Regina Hall say 'Barbershop' sequel deals with real-life issues

Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, and Regina Hall - stars of the new film, "Barbershop: The Next Cut," stopped by GoodDayDC to talk about the new movie.


"We wanted to have good reason to come back and do a third one," said Ice Cube, "and we got great reason." The new film centers around his character trying to keep his son safe and off the streets - a subject he said most can relate to."

With problems across the country in cities like Chicago, D.C., St. Louis - the theme of the movie deals with universal struggles. "The barbershop is a pillar of our community - a place where we can socialize, but also deal with our issues. It's a great place to talk thing out and for some people it's therapy," he said.


"I can say things that are very truthful but they come off as comedy," said Cedric about his character. "What I enjoy about playing him is saying it, leave it out there, it might hurt a little bit but - hey, it's like pulling a Band-Aid off."

"That's what's great about MGM and Warner Brothers, they allowed to us make the movie what it was supposed to be," said Ice Cube.


Regina Hall, a D.C. native, still considers the District. home. She says that her brothers and nieces still live here and that she still comes home around the holidays.

Play the full interview above and check out Cube, Cedric and Regina when they sat down in our own FOX 5 barbershop with Wisdom Martin.