'I just started shooting': woman explains self-defense in shooting of husband

A woman who shot and killed her own husband inside their Eastpointe home says she was forced to shoot him out of self-defense.

Eastpointe Police are still investigating the shooting at the family's home on Forest but Marshai Lathan says she pulled the trigger to protect her son and herself.

Man killed inside Eastpointe home, family says it was argument with stepson

"I never thought I would have to kill someone I love. Never," Lathan said.

Police say they received a 911 call alerting them of trouble just after 8 a.m. on Friday. They found Andre Williams, 56, shot several times inside his home. He was dead on the floor.

Lathan said she shot Williams after he pointed his gun at her son.

"I just shot because he pointed it up, right at my son. I didn't know what else to do."

Wife fatally shoots husband in self-defense at Eastpointe home: police

Lathan says Williams didn't get along with her adult son, who has been on parole for about four months. She said when her husband came home from work Friday morning and found his stepson at the home, he got very angry.

"He said you're gonna get out of here one way or the other," Lathan said.

Lathan says the two men were arguing and she tried to block Williams from getting to her unarmed son.

"I said Andre no stop I'm not gonna let you shoot my son," she said. "He's shoving me with his forearm to my neck. I'm pushing him (saying) no!"

He shoved her out of the and Lathan says she watched as her husband pointed his gun at her son. She said his finger was on the trigger when she grabbed her own gun.

"Once he aimed at my son I just started shooting."

Lathan says she didn't realize she'd hit her husband as her son and husband struggled for his gun. Then her son screamed for help and said he was still trying to shoot him.

So she shot him again.

"I just protected my son. That was all."

Eastpointe police questioned Lathan and her son and eventually released them both. No charges have been filed and the shootings appears to be self-defense.

Eastpointe police would not say much on Tuesday regarding the investigation, only that it's still ongoing. Thy said they're unsure how long it will take.

Family of man killed by wife in self defense says there's more to story

Williams' family is devastated and looking for answers.

"It didn't go down like they say it did. There's something something else involved," Shirley Williams said.

His family says Lathan's son had threatened him in the past but Lathan says her husband had always been the aggressor and had threatened her and her son.

"I believe he loved me but I believe he didn't know how to show it to me or my children."