'Hustle boy!' Mom surprises son on his first day at work, showers him in support and blessings

There is no bigger supporter than mom!

For 18-year-old Ikechi Obiagwu, that unconditional support rolled up in the form of an adorable unexpected surprise on his first day on the job at his local carwash.

In a heartwarming viral video, Ikechi's proud mom pulls up to the entrance and shows her ultimate support by purchasing a carwash membership. When she finds out he makes a $6 commission per sale, her response was so pure! Not only did she tell him she was proud, she also prayed over him, and asked God to send him more customers.

"Hustle boy, you're hustling. I am so proud of you baby, good job. God will give you plenty of customers, my son, you hear."

In case you are wondering, yes, his mom is always extra supportive!

Ikechi said, "She's always trying to embarrass me, and takes videos of me all the time! She shows so much love to me and makes me believe I can do anything."

The high school graduate said he was tired of asking his parents for everything and decided it was time to hold it down for himself, and he figured the best way to start was by getting a job.

"I wanted to start building my future with some money of my own," Ikechi told FOX 5.

Social media's positive response to the video has made his mother so happy.

"She wants people to see the kind of worker I am, and she says that God is doing great things for us right now."

Well, the hustle never stops. Keep up the great work, Ikechi!