Howard Univ. students vent frustrations on Twitter, #TakeBackHU trends

Students at Howard University are creating a social media storm with one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter, #TakeBackHU.

The Washington Post was among the first to spot the trend, reporting claims of classroom air conditioners that don't work, mold in dorm rooms and rats everywhere.

Howard University senior Jalen Williams is leading the social media campaign.

"It's just a peaceful call to action. I want people to understand is that the students here, we love our university. So we just want to see things change for the better," said Williams.

Here is some of what students had to say on Twitter:

@gr00vetheory wrote, "My problem is that I am paying $47,000+ for deteriorating conditions, negative attitudes, and the runaround. We're tired. #TakeBackHU"

@ItsHalesMane tweets, "How do you expect us to succeed in our classes when we often have online assignments and the wifi is rarely on? @WFrederickMD #TakeBackHU"

@JuliaOsagie19 wrote, "We were sold a dream & provided a completely different reality. #TakeBackHU"

When FOX 5's Bob Barnard visited the campus on Thursday, students we spoke to were not as harsh.

"I haven't had any bad experiences, honestly, but I just feel like some days, like with the financial aid and stuff like that, you're going to have some issues. So I just feel like you have to take it with a grain of salt," said Howard University junior Lauren Pitts.

Howard University President Dr. Wayne Frederick responded on Twitter, "My team & I are working diligently towards a comprehensive communication & resolve for your concerns. Your voices are heard and appreciated."