How many alleged criminals not prosecuted in DC commit murder?

There were 80 homicides in D.C. when U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves appeared before Congress last week to testify about crime in the District. Now there are 87. 

Graves didn't have some answers last week but FOX 5 has been following up to see if anything has changed. 

Police Chief Robert Contee III says the typical person arrested for homicide has an average of 11 prior arrests. DC police will not provide the data to confirm that number, saying it relies in part on arrests that did not result in convictions. But U.S. Attorney Graves was pressed on whether his office had ever declined to prosecute someone who was then arrested for homicide. 

As of Monday, there's still no answer to this question from the U.S. Attorney's Office. 

According to the Justice Department manual, Graves can't communicate with Congress without first going through main justice. And typically members of Congress follow up with formal questions if they want answers. Neither Congressman LaTurner nor House Oversight Chairman Jim Comer has confirmed that they've sent follow-ups. 

Essentially, Graves is not necessarily required to follow up with an answer until he is formally asked by a congressperson.

Some D.C. residents are also concerned that individuals are released from prison after being charged with another crime and then wind up getting arrested for homicide. 


Woman stabbed to death inside Ivy City Hotel room was in DC for a concert

Ivy City Hotel is speaking out after the tragic murder of Christy Bautista – one of its guests who was stabbed to death during a visit to D.C. to attend a concert. 

The man charged with Christy Bautista's murder in an Ivy City Hotel room in March had been released from jail after pleading guilty to attempted robbery. But not everyone thinks jail is the answer.