Here’s where Americans are hiding Christmas presents, poll shows

If you’re "Santa’s helper" this year, chances are you’ll need to know the best and worst places to hide your Christmas gifts — and one survey is here to help you out., who did a survey for the storage company Neighbor, polled 1,000 Americans last year asking where they commonly hide Christmas presents

According to the results, the top five hiding places included bedroom closets, a spare room, a coat closet, under the bed and in the car trunk. 

The survey also found, however, that the most popular hiding spot, the bedroom closet, is typically the first place eager gift receivers are going to snoop.


Christmas presents, UK. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

"We asked survey respondents which hiding place they thought was the most obvious (where they’d go first to check for any hidden gifts) and, to no one’s surprise, a quarter of them said the bedroom closet," Neighbor said.

People also reported looking under beds, in car trunks and coat closets for gifts — also all of the most popular hiding spots.

The place where hidden gifts seem to be discovered the fastest was in the car trunk. Nearly 60% of people who said their gifts were discovered in less than an hour had hidden them there.

Of course, where you hide gifts probably depends on who you’re hiding them from, right? Respondents could choose multiple answers to indicate everyone they typically hide gifts from, and the most common was, unsurprisingly, children.

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The company noted that a pile of delivery boxes is typically the biggest tip-off that gifts may be hiding somewhere in the house. However, most gifters said they aren’t worried about recipients seeing their deliveries arrive. 

More than 80% said they go ahead and ship gifts straight to their house, while only 18% said they ship them somewhere else.

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While finding the perfect hiding spot may take some time, Neighbor found most shoppers weren’t wasting any time getting the perfect gift.

62% percent of those polled had already started their Christmas shopping before November.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Megan Ziegler contributed. 

Editor’s note: A version of this article was published on Dec. 5, 2021.